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Upsell Programs

Upsell Makeover

The Upsell Makeover Program from Residential Equity Partners is designed for properties that do not qualify for our signature ‘Upsell Partnership’ program. At its core, the Upsell Makeover Program aims to enhance a property’s appeal through strategic pre-sale renovations and improvements, maximizing its market value. We create personalized renovation plans tailored to each property, tackling everything from minor updates such as decluttering and repainting to more extensive renovations like kitchen and bathroom overhauls. These improvements are strategically chosen to yield a substantial return on investment and align with current real estate market trends and buyer preferences. The process is streamlined and made financially manageable for homeowners.

Residential Equity Partners collaborates with licensed contractors who provide work at wholesale rates, ensuring high-quality repairs and upgrades without causing financial strain. We cover all renovation costs upfront, which are then reimbursed at the time of closing, alleviating financial concerns for homeowners. A project management fee is charged for overseeing the makeover process, predetermined with the seller. Post-makeover, the renovated properties are listed with one of our preferred real estate agents, leveraging their marketing expertise to attract the right buyers and secure the best sale price. This comprehensive approach ensures that our Upsell Makeover Program delivers the highest possible returns for sellers, embodying a fully integrated, value-driven strategy. Now that’s how you Upsell your property and your proceeds!

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