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The Settle Up Process

How Our Process Works

1 Pre-Qualification

The journey begins by clicking on the request for investment proposal on this site or by speaking with an Equity Partner by calling 800-800-7870. This step is crucial to determine if your home and your needs align with our investment criteria. Qualifying transactions advance to a Discovery Meeting with one of our Equity Partners.

2 Discovery Meeting

This meeting is pivotal for understanding your preferences, whether your goal is to stay in your home for the long term, or for a short period of time (12 months or less), or if you wish to get the maximum cash out from the sale of the property based on our investment. Maybe it’s none of these options and you have your own proposal. We’re willing to listen and eager to invest. Based on the outcome of the Discovery Meeting one of our Equity Partners will outline our investment parameters, discuss various options, and craft an Investment Proposal tailored to your needs.

3 Investment Agreement

After mutual agreement on a proposal, we provide an Investment Agreement. This formalizes our commitment to invest in your property, contingent upon achieving a satisfactory foreclosure settlement with your creditors.

4 Foreclosure Settlement
Our retained law firm negotiates nonrestrictive settlements with loan servicers, aiming for favorable terms. This step is essential for laying the groundwork for our investment. *The negotiation costs are covered by us, ensuring no additional financial burden on the homeowner.
5 Our Investment

Once a satisfactory settlement is reached, we provide the necessary investment as per the terms of the Investment Agreement. This crucial step ends the foreclosure process and begins your journey towards financial recovery. If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, the Investment Agreement is terminated without any obligation on the homeowner’s part.

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